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Testimonial From Our Case Study Service

 "Our marketing resources struggle to keep up with our software company's rapid growth and ever-changing selling climate. In a short period of time, Michael Dodgson has guided us through his process to ensure our messaging is on point and our marketing/demand generation strategy is focused and scalable. I highly recommend him!"  

December 6, 2016
Eric B, President, Healthcare Software 

Mike helped us to rebuild our marketing to “Make it Right”!

Mike Dodgson is very much like the HGTV host Mike Holmes, and to borrow their catchphrase, Mike helped us to rebuild our marketing to “Make it Right”! It is rare to meet an individual who is passionate and dedicated to their work. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone that is looking for guidance on increasing their customer base and marketing strategies available to get you there.

While I have grown product lines from zero to over $50 million in annual revenue, there are still areas which an expert can add significant value. This is why I consider myself lucky to have found Mike to help our growing business. Initial discussions were useful and he provided well-grounded common-sense suggestions which helped to focus on generating leads and increase traffic with the goal of growing sales. Much to my surprise and delight, his approach and reasonable rates included advice that extended beyond the basics. Advice for our project was comprehensive, well communicated and executed in a way that was not overwhelming. His business planning, website design advice, content creation, presentation enhancements and event planning took our efforts to new levels of competency and performance.

Michael's tenacity and relentless pursuit for success

Michael Dodgson and I worked on many projects together to bring awareness to Samsung's B2B offering. Michael's tenacity and relentless pursuit for success ensured all projects were successful. His attention to detail ensured no milestones were missed and promptly addressed all issues that arose. Michael would be a tremendous asset to any organization.

February 18, 2014
Anthony B., Microsoft

Acronis Cloud Backup - Your research & strategy to address a very real business problem was spot-on

I wanted to drop you a quick line to personally thank you for everything you did to help develop our brand and to raise awareness in the North American Channel... 

I was particularly impressed with the with the level of creativity you showed and how you executed on the “Stop the IT Breakup” campaign, which you created with a great deal of thought and passion. It was very clear how much work you had put into it!

Your research and strategy to address a very real business problem was spot-on. You provided some great thought leadership for managed service providers at risk of losing their long-time customers to other resellers and service providers offering lower cost and less value for money solutions.

I was personally impressed with how fast you were able to come up with an idea and how quickly you executed on it, which was exactly what we needed. Acronis is a very demanding and fast moving company and you got the job done. As a result we identified some great opportunities, built pipeline and have since transacted with a number of those opportunities.

Call Centre Collaboration

I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed working with you on the 2016 ... project as your call center, and I am certain that you will be a great asset to your future employers. 

There were several clear reasons why you have stood out. First of which, in my 10+  years experience in the call centre industry I have rarely come across a client who was as prepared to set-up, train and start executing as quickly as you were. 

You were very fast to respond to our requests and our need to develop content to answer tough customer questions. Additionally, your insight into the customer’s purchase journey and attention to messaging nuances demonstrated your passion for performance and the know how to get there. 

We worked well together as a team because I noticed that you frequently listened closely to our feedback and we were able, together, to improve our tactics and strategies. 

Toronto Law Firm

 I'm very happy with the work Mike completed on my project.

After listening to my situation he understood my challenges and proposed a pilot project to see if marketing could reduce the workload for sales by developing a 'nurturing' process to connect with past potential customers. It certainly worked.

Mike was proactive, able to dig deep into the expertise of our lawyers to extract compelling information that the sales team would not have been able to discover. He was also very aware of time and identified early warning signs to keep the project on time. At the end of the project we have several new tools added to the sales toolkit: a prospecting tool to help customers self-identify risk areas and two recorded presentations on employment law that the sales team can reuse for future online or offline presentations.

In a very short time frame he delivered a campaign strategy, developed content, deployed a marketing conversion page and helped me deliver an employment law webinar. He was also able to adapt quickly when one of our presenting lawyers dropped out of the webinar at the last minute.

Even though we ran the pre-event marketing for only 3 weeks we had new and existing customers attend the webinar.  Better still, Mike's content process was very thorough and uncovered an unknown capability in our new lawyer. This capability also helps demonstrate Cognition's ability to provide strategic consulting as well as legal assistance to our customers.

We are very pleased with the results and would recommend Mike's marketing expertise and content creation services to any business.

Sharon S, Director of Client Services
Toronto Law Firm