B2C Retail Advertising

B2C Retail Advertising by M Dodgson

By re-engineering the value proposition and developing new content for the B2B monitors the new flyer advertisement increased sales from $37,000 to $63,000 (a 70% increase in retail sales) over previous week’s sales levels.

B2B Mobile Display Booth

This high-impact booth was designed to assist our B2B lead generation and sales initiative. Greatly contributed to our $20 million MQL lead generation efforts.

Comprised of 3 rigid sections, display bench, 4x 52" LEF business displays.

CRFA 3D CAD Planning Document

Development of an innovative technique to help management and staff visualize the booth. Proved to be highly successful and contributed to content development strategies well before the design of the booth.

Trade Show Booth Generates $5 Million in MQLs

20x30' booth generated over $2 million in MQLs. Development of a call center service to provide additional follow up and lead qualification resulted in more than double the number of qualified leads.

Call Campaign & Sales Process Re-Engineering

Analysis of Salesforce CRM database showed a problem in the lead generation and sales close process.

Development of new content, call centre and collaboration with selected channel partners resulted 400% increase in sales, YoY. Amounted to $250,000 in new closed business and funnel of $1.5 million MQLs.

Enduring Content Becomes Global HP Service

M Dodgson HP Enterprise Buy and Try 2018

Paradigm shift in selling and marketing support to sales becomes the HP Enterprise "Buy and Try" global promotion. Continues to be used as of July 2018.

Launch of lead generation campaign, collaboration with eStore and supply team resulted in a significant success. Incremental sales tracked at $2.1 million in the first 90-days.