Evolution of ReviveSolutions.com


This year ReviveSolutions consulting was created to: "Breath New Life Into Your Bottom Line".


First consulting engagement with a startup keyboard company called "Ideazone". Market research, competitive analysis and product launch planning lead to the launch of the industry's first modular, interchangeable Zboard keyboard. 


Consulting with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce lead to a part-time engagement to increase sales. The analysis and interviews with current members and executives lead to the development of new messaging and collateral. New member sign ups for this not-for-profit increased by 300% in 90-days.


Extension of the service into retail demonstrated that corporate B2B techniques work with retailers.

Ongoing work with a retail wine, brew on premises, was both enjoyable and productive. Capture of the local market's premium position delivered maximum profit, minimized stock inventory problems and WOWed customers.

Our best promotion came from a partnership with one supplier. Typically this shop received 7 new customers per month. Our new customer acquisition promotion brought in 700% more new customers.


Customer feedback revealed that many growing businesses had problems thinking holistically and strategically.  ReviveSolutions.com needed a different message that was easier to process.

Consulting put on hold as I returned to the corporate world and launched Samsung Canada's new notebook division. First year sales hit nearly $9 million.

In 2011 I launched Samsung Canada's first demand generation team. In 2012 the team generated nearly $20 million in MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) and resulted in earning Marketing Magazine's "2012 Marketers of the Year" award.

2014 - Onward

ForensicMarketing.com, originally a domain purchased in the mid-2000s, is now the flagship for ReviveSolutions.com

ForensicMarketing.com was developed to give executives new insights into the performance of their sales and marketing funnels. As a subset of ReviveSolutions, ForensicMarketing.com is dedicated to the detailed analysis of sales and marketing systems, providing recommendations to management and assisting with the development of high-impact content for sales and marketing.