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Sales Funnel Analysis To Identify Opportunities To increase Sales


Our philosophy has grown from over 20 years of experience applying and testing our scientific methodologies of analysis to sales and marketing funnels. Thus, our forensic marketing consulting techniques to increase sales has grown to become highly efficient and increased one multi-national Fortune 100 company's annual sales by $40 million.

Whether you are looking for marketing consulting expertise to increase sales in Toronto, Ontario, Canada or North America, we know that developing the right content and marketing programs will have a dramatic impact on any B2B business bottom line. 

Our Expertise

Mike Dodgson's experience in sales, public relations, product management and marketing has spanned over 20 years. Working primarily in high-tech and start-ups, Mr. Dodgson has also successfully applied his revenue boosting marketing skills to not-for-profits, associations and professional services. 

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Why Us?

Mr. Dodgson has focused his career on helping companies develop both large and small marketing campaigns that deliver stellar ROI. This has created the award winning foundation to offer Forensic Marketing in Toronto.

Whether you are a sole-proprietor and you would like to know how we increased one small retailer's new-customer-sales by 700%, or how we helped a Fortune 100 company increase annual revenue by $40 million, we have the expertise you need to improve your  Marketing in Toronto:

  • Critically assess your content
  • Identify problems in your sales and marketing processes that are leading to poor conversion rates
  • Work with your team to develop amazing content
  • Develop a sales and marketing ecosystem and dashboard to help your company monitor the performance of your marketing team
  • Drive amazing ROI with high impact marketing campaigns
  • Consulting in Toronto

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